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Jackie Rempel

Jackie is one of the client coordinators at Muscle Elements, as well as a Registered Massage Therapist, and has a diploma in Business Administration.

After a life-changing event in her family, Jackie decided to make a career change and joined the Muscle Elements team. With experience as a Registered Massage Therapist and administrative background, it made her a great fit.  She loves working at Muscle Elements because there are a variety of practitioners that specialize and have a passion in various modalities.  All of them work together to provide the clients with the best treatments that they can, and they all work cohesively to create safe and effective treatment plans.

Through personal growth, Jackie’s inward reflection has helped her become more aware of herself and creating balance in a healthy mind, body and soul. With effective self-care, she has been able to evolve in her own health and wellness.

“With my experience as a registered massage therapist, I want our clients to know that they can trust in the recommendations given with guiding them to find the best practitioner based on their ability to assist the patient during their health and wellness journey.”