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Do Kids Actually Like Acupuncture?

For parents, there are few things more heartbreaking than seeing your child in pain and/or distress, and knowing there isn’t much you can do about it. This situation becomes more complicated when it comes to young children and babies, who are unable to tell you exactly what is wrong. When this happens, parents are often left feeling helpless and frustrated. But what if there was something you could do to help your little one? Something that they actually enjoyed and helped them relax? Physical issues in babies and young children are often quite different from adults, so their treatment is

A Tale Of Two Births – How Self-Care Can Change Everything

By Trudi Rumball, Registered Acupuncturist Pregnant for the first time! This was an exciting chapter I was beginning in my personal and professional life. My pregnancy was easy, I felt great and was loving learning about how my little human was growing inside of me. I was practicing as an acupuncturist at the time, and working in a health food store as well. I would read up on all the things my body and baby were doing, and made sure to take my supplements. I had been accepted into midwifery care and I hired a doula. I was doing all

Self-Care In 2019

By Trudi Rumball, Registered Acupuncturist  It’s a new year, and a great time to form some new habits. One of the things we see a lot in this business is a rush in November and December to use up benefits. This results in a very busy clinic, which is great for us, but leaves clients with not much choice for appointment times. And while compounded treatments can be beneficial, if you don’t have major acute health complaints, it is even more beneficial to work out a maintenance plan with your care providers. This is what we, as therapists, strive for.

Understanding Headaches

By Heather Kew, Registered Massage Therapist We describe it as suffering from headaches, and that phrase couldn’t be more accurate. For some people, a headache is a rare occurrence with a very specific cause. For some unlucky people, headaches are a weekly, or even daily occurrence with no clear rhyme or reason. It doesn’t always have to be this way: there are some preventative measures, as well as treatments that can help. Headache Types and Causes The first thing when looking at headaches, is to understand as much as possible about them. There are different types of headaches, each with

Getting To The “Root” Of Chronic Injury

By Carleen Tralenberg, Registered Acupuncturist When I was little, I loved that song “the leg bone is connected to the knee bone, the knee bones connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bones connected to the foot bone, now shake those skeleton bones…boom boom boom”. I can see you all toe tapping as you reconnect with that old tune. We have all had that one injury that has plagued us repeatedly throughout adulthood. We have gone for treatment after treatment, and it may disappear for awhile, but then suddenly it reappears again (like the ghost of Christmas past)…old sports injuries,

Tis The Cold And Flu Season

By Dr. Jennifer Yee, ND Some of you are probably dreading the start of cold and flu season. Are you the person who catches absolutely everything going around your workplace, your school or your household? And when you become sick, does it drag on for weeks only for you to get sick again after you “recover”? If so, do you realize that naturopathic medicine may be very helpful to re-balance and support your immune system? It is normal and healthy for us to become sick about 1-3 times per year (this applies to children as well). Ideally, the symptoms should

You’re Pregnant!! Now What???

By Trudi Rumball, Registered Acupuncturist Such an exciting moment when you get a positive on your pee test!! For some, it is a moment they have been desperately waiting for, and for others it may be a total surprise. Regardless, it is a moment filled with ALL the emotions. Soooo now what? If you want to have a midwife for your pregnancy care, put down your pregnancy test immediately and apply. Seriously though, the wait list is long, and our midwives are not adequately funded by the government to meet the amount of mothers who want to have a midwife.

Induction’ Acupuncture…Legit Or Legend?

By Trudi Rumball, RAc. I really wish that we were given a ‘birth month’ rather than a ‘due date’ from medical professionals. If the pregnancy is not deemed a high-risk pregnancy, and baby is doing well, there is no need to rush things. Our bodies will go into natural labour (in most cases), and usually babies will come when they are ready. That looks different for everyone, depending on a few different factors, like genetics, body type, pre-existing medical conditions, etc. Both of my babies came ‘early’ at 39 weeks, and I have had clients go into natural labor anywhere

Detoxification 101

By Dr. Jennifer Yee, BHSc, ND (naturopathic doctor) Recently detoxification has become trendier and most people have a vague idea of what it is, but what does it really involve and what are the benefits? To put it simply, detoxification, is about stimulating the bodies own natural elimination pathways – liver, lungs, digestive tract, lymphatic system and skin (through the process of sweating) – to mobilize and excrete toxins from the body. Toxins can accumulate over time through exposure to contaminants in our environment. Some of these can come from obvious sources such as pollution and pesticides, but others can

Autumn Is Here (In Theory)

by Trudi Rumball, Registered Acupuncturist My favorite season of the year is upon us once again! Unfortunately, in Edmonton we typically do not get very long to enjoy the beautiful ‘late summer’, with golden bushes and red trees, but alas, it still is considered “fall”. For parents and teachers, this means a busy month of September — getting back into school routines, children’s sports and activities. It also means susceptibility to colds and flu’s! Our immune systems tend to get run down with all the stress and bustle and exposure. What can we do to support our immune systems this