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Chocolate Is A Food Group, Right?

Everyone knows that nutrition plays a vital role in the health of our bodies, but just HOW important is it? And which plan is right for you? We saw there was a definite need for this service in our team of holistic practitioners, so I am thrilled to announce Sannya Benson is our certified holistic nutrition consultant! Sannya is trained in the bio-mechanics of nutrition and how very important proper nutrition really is for your body’s optimal health and wellness. So what exactly can you expect from a nutritional consult, and how do you know it is something you need?

Are You Falling Like The Leaves?

The change of season from summer to fall kicks my ass, every year. Sluggish, achy, mental fog, tired…did I mention tired? My coffee isn’t even remotely strong enough for the juggling act that gets performed each day. The problem is I forget this happens every damn year, so it isn’t until halfway through September that I remember ‘Oh yeah, I think I felt this way last year too…’ (cue eye roll) So off to my acupuncture appointment on Monday. Why acupuncture you say? Well, traditional Chinese medicine says the change of seasons is awful. Okay, maybe not in those exact