Erika Quiroga

Erika has a Bachelor of Science in nursing and is a graduate from MaKami College of Massage Therapy with over 2200 hours of massage experience. Currently, Erika specializes in deep-tissue massage therapy and swedish/relaxation massage therapy. She is currently enrolled in the Manual Osteopathic Therapy program in Edmonton.

Erika finds massage therapy to be a rewarding profession as she is able to use her knowledge about health to help people feel better through holistic methods. Erika is able to incorporate her nursing background within the foundation of her massage therapy, allowing her to have a unique perspective when treating clients. In addition, Erika is passionate about continual improvement and growth, always seeking new ways to improve her skills as a therapist.

“Massage therapy has always been a mode of healing for me. Each time I get a massage, whether it’s after an exam, work, or just to feel relaxed, I always feel the benefits of the massage mentally, physically, and spiritually. These experiences made me passionate about massage therapy and how it can help to improve our body, mind, and soul.” – Erika Quiroga

Erika enjoys reading books related to health and massage therapy. Erika also enjoys cooking, camping, and travelling.