Lisandra Quintana Caballero

When I lived in Cuba, I worked both as an entertainer at a resort and as a social worker. I enjoyed helping people feel better about themselves, and helping clients reduce stress. I also went to a sports school in Cuba where we were always putting our bodies under stress, without the help of massage therapy.
When I came to Canada, I took the 3000 hr registered massage therapist program through Makami, where I graduated in August 2020.
I feel proud of my work when clients get relief after their treatment, and return for their next treatment very happy about their increased mobility.
I personally like to use stretching during my treatment (depending on the client’s needs), and that is why I am getting ready to take the Traditional Thai massage course. After I graduated, I took a Hot Stone Treatment course and a Dynamic Cupping course.
Each client gets a customized treatment plan, focusing deep tissue massage to increase circulation and relief of soft tissue pain and stress.
I also enjoy giving my clients relief and improving the recovery of muscle injuries through sports massage. There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than seeing a person moving their bodies and smiling, knowing that their lives are feeling more mobile and pain free!