January is a tough month for some of us. I’m sure it has to do with the hangover from Christmas, and the lack of sunlight definitely doesn’t help. Although with this beautiful snow fall, it does makes it seem like a beautiful winter wonderland outside. And thankfully it’s Friday!!! 

Getting outside and changing your view, literally changes your ‘view’. Your perspective can be lifted significantly by breathing fresh air and being in nature. Playing in the snow is so therapeutic, bringing back childhood memories and being carefree. Our children really are our best teachers! So much of what we do as adults limits our creativity and perspectives, without even realizing it.

Acupuncture can help relieve feelings of depression. It can work alone or in conjunction with doctor-prescribed medication. From a physiological point of view, acupuncture regulates the production of neurotransmitters and hormones (studies have shown it increases the levels of endorphins/enkephalins and induces the release of norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine). It also harmonizes the body and mind, creating a sense of peace. 

Self-care shows up differently for each of us, at different times. Sometimes you might need more sleep, or a cup of tea (instead of another coffee), or maybe time spent with a friend or loved one. Caring for ourselves can even be determined by the choices of food we put into our bodies…or the infused caring we put into making our food. Listening to soothing, meditative music while doing mundane housework, being mindful when doing segments of your day brings such awareness into your heart and mind. Seeking therapy from a professional is often very helpful when struggling with something that is on ‘repeat’…it provides clarity and a way to stop the autopilot mindset/feelings. Hakomi is a wonderful holistic technique that uses five gentle principles to support clients with their mental health.

Booking a vacation to a tropical destination is also a sure way to combat the winter blah’s, but that isn’t an option for some people. The seasonal-affective disorder lamps are also very effective at getting the daily dose of vitamin D, and are a daily self-care habit that only takes a few minutes. Speaking of vitamin D, that is also an effective way of increasing your hormone levels, as well as boosting your immune system (nice side effect!). Dr. Yee has a quality vitamin D supplement available for her patients, among other person-specific mood and immune boosting supplements. Booking an appointment with Dr. Yee is another form of self-care actually…as a naturopath, she has appointment times that allow you to discuss the full extent of your past history/current medical issues, and ALL the things you need to talk about (versus the current western medicine doctor visit regime).

I know I am a better mom/wife/friend/employer when I’m on my self-care game. It seems so natural (and inherently built into some of us) to be the best care givers to everyone else…BUT ourselves. What in the world??? I know logically that doesn’t make sense, but this has definitely been my lesson in my life.Something else that has helped to shift that – ‘All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.’ – the tag line from access consciousness that literally sets the tone for your day. Saying that ten times when you wake up in the morning can literally shift your consciousness into receiving your life with ease, joy and glory (more info on that coming in the next post).

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, taking care of YOU in whatever way that shows up for you.

Happy Friday!!

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