Love Is In The Air

Love is in the air…

January is almost over and as much as I love the New Year, I love February even more. February is romantic. Not because it hosts one of the biggest hallmark holidays of the year, which for some is downright depressing to be honest, but because it really does feel like love is in the air. Many years ago I declared February the month to Love thyself. I felt it was time to let go of needing approval of someone else to determine my self-worth. So I propose this unto you if you haven’t already developed a self-loving tradition. Take the time this month to love your self all over. From head to toe.

So, what does this have to do with nutrition? Nutrition is more than what and how much we eat. It has to do with what and how we think about ourselves. How can you feed your body with the nutritious food that you so desperately need when you do not love the body that you are in? When you are fighting with self-image and destructive thoughts?

Switching to a healthier perspective is the first step to improving your nutrition, in elevating your health and in making food choices for the right reasons. Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to eat healthy when your motivating factor is to fit into your high school jeans? Because you are not that vain. Weight loss for the sole purpose of stroking your vanity is a losing battle for most. And for that, you should be proud. Seriously. The focus on whole food nutrition is about eating what nature supplies and learning to love every moment of it because it fuels your body, mind and soul. Weight loss then becomes a bi-product of self-love, rather than a goal. This is what is meant by a shift in your perspective.

So how do we get there? I like to start by adding to your health regime before taking anything out. Find a mantra or affirmation that really resonates with where you’re at right now.

I am strong
I am beautiful
I am enough

Repeat you’re mantra daily, with vigor, and this will set the stage for every decision you make. Because you are strong, you are beautiful, and you are enough.

And once you begin to feel more empowered, or even to kick start it, try adding a nutrient dense juice or smoothie to your daily mantra. I love to juice vegetables because I can feel the joy of the nutrients hitting me on a cellular level. It’s as though my cells are dancing. My favourite juice (and one my kids love too) is: Carrot, beet, apple, ginger and lemon. That’s SOUL FOOD right there folks. Pure love.

So, for the month of February look for ways to fuel your heart and soul. Let go of destructive thoughts that are no longer serving you. Replace them with a mantra that propels your being into self-love. Add some nutrient dense foods such as fresh organic vegetable juices. Explore the vibratory shifts in your energy that propel you into making better choices for your health – because it feels good.

I think there’s no better time than February to re-group, to connect body, mind and soul and let go of any self –destructive thoughts that may be stopping you from being the shining star of your love story.

Part of letting go is allowing these destructive thoughts to pass without judgement. Stay focused on your goal, which is to feel good. Feeling good is a guiding path to self-love.

And your body, mind and soul will thank you.

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