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But I Didn’t Feel Any Different After Cupping…

I have heard this a few times now from my clients, and it is a valid statement! But why would acupuncturists and massage therapists still use cupping if it didn’t improve the clients’ tissues? The truth is, cupping is extremely effective in loosening the fascia that is in and around every single muscle fiber (thousands of fibers make up a muscle), as well as various other cellular benefits. Ancient Chinese medicine believes cupping opens up the meridian pathways to allow Qi (pronounced ‘chi’) to flow through. When Qi flows freely throughout the body, one can enjoy physical, mental and emotional

Chocolate Is A Food Group, Right?

Everyone knows that nutrition plays a vital role in the health of our bodies, but just HOW important is it? And which plan is right for you? We saw there was a definite need for this service in our team of holistic practitioners, so I am thrilled to announce Sannya Benson is our certified holistic nutrition consultant! Sannya is trained in the bio-mechanics of nutrition and how very important proper nutrition really is for your body’s optimal health and wellness. So what exactly can you expect from a nutritional consult, and how do you know it is something you need?

Are You Falling Like The Leaves?

The change of season from summer to fall kicks my ass, every year. Sluggish, achy, mental fog, tired…did I mention tired? My coffee isn’t even remotely strong enough for the juggling act that gets performed each day. The problem is I forget this happens every damn year, so it isn’t until halfway through September that I remember ‘Oh yeah, I think I felt this way last year too…’ (cue eye roll) So off to my acupuncture appointment on Monday. Why acupuncture you say? Well, traditional Chinese medicine says the change of seasons is awful. Okay, maybe not in those exact

How To Prevent Weekend Warrior Syndrome

It is almost summer! The warmer weather brings happiness and…..yard work! The increase of outdoor activities is an assault on your muscles that are used to doing very little over the winter months. Gardening, yard work, golfing, baseball, ATV/camping, fishing, etc. can all wreak havoc on your body if you aren’t careful. Almost every activity you do uses your upper body or arms, in front of your body. The shoulders are always involved, and they are a complex area, with many muscles comprising these important joints. The pectoral muscles are most often really tight (strong) and pull the shoulders forward,

East Meets West In Hakomi Therapy

WHAT IS HAKOMI? Hakomi Mindfulness-Centred Somatic Psychotherapy is a mindfulness based, body-centred approach developed by Ron Kurtz, which combines somatic (body) awareness with experiential techniques to promote psychological growth and transformation. Hakomi is an elegant integration of Eastern mindfulness and non-violence and effective and unique Western therapeutic methodology. It’s core principles stem from Buddhism and Taoism. Western therapeutic influences include general systems theory and body-centered therapies such as Gestalt, Psychomotor, Feldenkrais, Structural bodywork, Focusing, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming and Bioenergetics. Hakomi theory uses somatic (body) indicators as a window to unconscious psychological material, and trained practitioners support those in therapy