But Won’t Deep Tissue and Cupping Hurt?

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By Melissa Newton, Registered Massage Therapist

In my practice, I see a lot of clients who are office workers, laborers and mothers.  These jobs (and many more!) cause similar upper body discomfort and tension in the neck, shoulders and back.  Many of these individuals get relief from deep tissue massage combined with fire cupping. 

Trapezius, rhomboids, and levator scapula muscles commonly get wound up from poor posture, lack of stretching and repetitive movements, like sitting at a computer moving the mouse or nursing your baby.  Not to mention tech neck!  Our generation is obsessed with their phones, and it is causing major long-term neck and shoulder issues. When muscles are lacking the proper blood flow, this leads to pain.  Deep tissue massage combined with cupping, helps to loosen the fascia (connective tissue) and bring the blood flow and oxygen back to the tissue.  This allows them to relax more and get back into their normal resting state.

I have clients that come in with constant headaches (caused by the tension in their body), and after a treatment or two close together, they can be practically headache free! This enables them to go on a maintenance schedule with a monthly or 6 week visit. 

I often get asked by clients ‘does deep tissue or cupping hurt?’  The answer is yes….and no!  Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, and many say it hurts in a good way because they feel the release.  If you are ever uncomfortable you can ask   to your therapist have pressure adjusted to your comfort level.

Fire cupping is a very effective way to get your fascial tissue to stretch in a different direction, opposite of the downwards direction during a massage. This helps to loosen the stuck, adhesive muscles and fascial tissue, creating change that seems to last longer than massage alone.

I show my clients exercises, stretches and foam rolling that they can do for homework to keep their connective tissue more limber.  I suggest to them while looking at emails or reading a book hold it in front of you rather them looking down at your lap.  All these things help our muscle tissue not getting over stretched from everyday repetitive motion.

If you’ve been thinking about trying a deep tissue massage and fire cupping, and still have some questions, I would be happy to answer them! Call the clinic to book an appointment or with any further questions, or send an email to info@muscleelements.ca.

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