The 4 New Things You Need To Know About Lyme Disease

Summer’s in full swing, and while Zika’s splashed across headlines everywhere, Lyme disease is still the bigger bugger, infecting an estimated 300,000 to 1 million Americans each year. Lyme is spread by the bite of a tick—usually a nymph tick, poppy-seed-size and hungry during the spring and summer months. You already know the symptoms: a bull’s-eye-shaped rash, […]

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The Benefits of Acupuncture on Your Mental Health

As an alternative or complimentary therapy, acupuncture offers a variety of benefits for dozens of common medial problems. In Western medicine, this most often includes using acupuncture for pain management along with treating specific issues such as asthma, nausea, and neurological conditions. However, as an aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture’s role is far […]

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Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for the Health-Conscious Couple

Valentine’s Day is all about love, but, often, that love is expressed with chocolates and high-calorie dinners. If, as a member of a health-conscious couple, this doesn’t appeal to you, you might want to consider one of these healthy Valentine date ideas instead. Go to the Farmer’s Market Spend the money you would have at […]

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Muscle Elements-65

Solo Mama Time in Edmonton

Great article listing some amazing businesses for your solo mama time, including one of our favorites, Sticks and Stones Flowers and Home Decor, here in Sherwood Park!

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Nakiska ski hill kananaskis Alberta Canada home of the 1988 winter olympics

Getting Started with Winter Sports

The holiday season is finally over and the long, cold days of winter in Canada are finally upon us. Whether you’ve resolved to be more active in 2016 or are simply looking for a way to make the cold days pass by more quickly, taking up a winter sport is a great way to stay […]

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Christmas #27

Healthy Holiday Meal Tips and Hacks for a Happy Christmas

Holiday parties and overindulgence seem to go hand-in-hand. From puddings and candy to cookies and rich meats with gravy, the call of the unhealthy is all around us during the month of December. However, by following a few simple healthy-eating guidelines specific to the holidays as well as designing hacks that work with your lifestyle […]

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Brain-Power Boosting Foods

“You are what you eat” is more than just a silly cliché. As we are finding more and more these days, especially with the real food and slow food movement, carefully choosing what foods you eat can have a profound impact on everything from your energy levels and concentration to your cancer risk and overall […]

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yoga attempt

Kickstart Your Fitness Routine: We Breakdown Three Popular Options

Kickstarting your personal fitness is a challenge. Whether you’ve struggled with weight loss, are recovering from illness or simply fell off the bandwagon of regular workouts, getting the motivation and setting goals for fitness is a daunting, overwhelming task, which is why many people seek help in the form of fitness challenges, bootcamps, and personal […]

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