Chocolate Is A Food Group, Right?

Everyone knows that nutrition plays a vital role in the health of our bodies, but just HOW important is it? And which plan is right for you?

We saw there was a definite need for this service in our team of holistic practitioners, so I am thrilled to announce Sannya Benson is our certified holistic nutrition consultant! Sannya is trained in the bio-mechanics of nutrition and how very important proper nutrition really is for your body’s optimal health and wellness.

So what exactly can you expect from a nutritional consult, and how do you know it is something you need?

Well, for starters, if you are like me and think chocolate is a food group, then you need a nutritional consult. But for those who live a fairly healthy lifestyle, seeking the guidance of a nutritional consultant can take your health to the next level.

Your first appointment is designed to gather specific information needed to formulate a nutritional analysis, which is like a snap shot of your current health. Holistic nutrition focuses on bringing each body system into balance and harmony with one another. This information is presented and discussed at your follow-up appointment (which is included in the initial fee). From this information, Sannya has the tools needed to figure out what body systems need some extra TLC.

Personally, trying to follow a new set of nutritional guidelines is like trying to squeeze water from a rock. It’s exciting to try for the first few days to see what happens, but then reality kicks in and I am DONE. So signing up for Sannya’s 30 day jump start program would be perfect for me. This program would provide me with a detailed nutritional analysis, as well as a customized meal plan (including recipes and a shopping list!) aimed towards my health goals of not eating all the chocolate and drinking all the damn wine. The difference in this program is the ongoing support…every week there is an email check-in where I can ask any questions as well as receive encouragement to keep going on my path of success. At the end of the 30 days, there is a follow up appointment to assess my progress and tweak the program as needed, including meal plan adjustments. Whoop whoop!!! Sounds good to me!

Sometimes a longer support program is needed to integrate these new nutritional guidelines, so a 90 day full support package was created. It includes everything listed above, but for two months longer than the above program. That also means there is another follow up appointment at the 60 day mark. This is a perfect program for someone who needs a bit longer than 30 days to institute their new nutritional plan.

The last two packages that Sannya has created include HYPNOTHERAPY!!! I am (obviously) REALLY excited about this combination, as I have been experiencing first-hand the profound effect hypnotherapy has on the process of making healthy choices. When you address your subconscious mind, you literally reprogram the ‘program’ that runs your vessel. This will help create a positive mindset, provide skills to attain lasting change, and encourage healthy eating habits.

Nutritional support is vital to maintaining (or achieving) my health and wellness goals, especially because I love chocolate…and wine. Like LOVE them. Maybe one day it will be morphed into a food group…for moms.

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