But I Didn’t Feel Any Different After Cupping…

I have heard this a few times now from my clients, and it is a valid statement! But why would acupuncturists and massage therapists still use cupping if it didn’t improve the clients’ tissues?

The truth is, cupping is extremely effective in loosening the fascia that is in and around every single muscle fiber (thousands of fibers make up a muscle), as well as various other cellular benefits.

Ancient Chinese medicine believes cupping opens up the meridian pathways to allow Qi (pronounced ‘chi’) to flow through. When Qi flows freely throughout the body, one can enjoy physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Two types of cupping:

Stagnant cupping is when a cup is placed over specific acupressure points and left for a few seconds or minutes. This stimulates the Qi (energy) at that specific point. This is often used to clear cold or flu symptoms, stimulate a detox of specific organs or to place a stretch on a muscles origin or insertion. 

Sliding cupping is when oil or lotion is used to allow the cup to be moved around the area being treated. This type of cupping releases the fascia and muscle tissue, which increases overall circulation and reducing the build up of inflammation and toxins.

Cupping is most commonly used on the back, due to the large amount of tension and pain that can exist here. The back is also the location of a series of acupressure points that connect to specific organs and can stimulate and harmonize the energy of these organs. 

Why do I have these purple bruises on my body??? This has to be the number one question after a client has cupping! They are in fact NOT bruises, but rather marks that indicate static blood, lymph, cellular debris, pathogenic factors and toxins that are being released from the tissue. Unlike bruises, these purple marks are not painful or sensitive to touch unless there is a large amount of toxins being released. By clearing this stagnation, it allows fresh oxygenated blood to nourish and heal the surrounding muscle tissue. 

Cupping can be beneficial for anyone with joint or muscle pain/tension, headaches, and frequent colds\flu. Cupping can also help treat a variety of organ disorders, making it an ideal health and wellness treatment!

So you can see that even though it may not feel like anything happened during your cupping session, in fact a GREAT deal took place! Cupping is a great add-on to your massage…in fact, sliding cupping even feels like a massage.

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