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James D. McNeill

James is both a massage therapist and a manual osteopathic therapist, and has a passion for holistic health and an ambition to learn. He graduated in 2015 from MH Vicars School of Massage and again in 2020 from the Manual Osteopathic College of Canada (MOCC). He has recently retired from municipal government work as a civil engineering technologist for transportation and engineering services, and is excited to enter this next chapter of his career. James has completed his certification in the techniques level in Upledger craniosacral therapy (CST-T) after having studied extensively with the Upledger Institute (see here). He is also


JeeSun Kim

JeeSun is a Manual Osteopathic Therapist, Massage Therapist and Physiokey Therapist. Every client coming into the office is unique. Each and every body tells a different story. Years of experience in massage therapy has taught her that our body is like puzzle. The body shows symptoms, however, the source of the problems might be far from where the symptoms are present. This is possible as all systems in our body are interconnected and interdependent through our fascial network. This complexity led her to take the training for Manual Osteopathy, which assesses and treats the body as a three dimensional structure