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Melanie Michaud

Melanie has been a Registered Massage Therapist for over 4 years, graduating from MH Vicars here in Edmonton. With a new baby born only two weeks before completing school, Melanie’s focus and passion has always been towards maternity and children. Receiving many prenatal massages at Muscle Elements during her pregnancy, Melanie knew that she would eventually be a part of the team. She is certified in prenatal massage, dynamic cupping, and therapeutic Hot Stones massage. She includes hot basalt stones and hot steaming towels during each treatment to further enhance the therapeutic effect of adding heat during the massage. Melanie

Angela Nowlan

Angela completed the 2200 hour program from MH Vicars in 2007. Since then, she has worked alongside many other modalities, and has gained much knowledge and perspective from them. She is trained in therapeutic, deep tissue, relaxation, prenatal, hot stone, lymphatic drainage, an Access Consciousness Bars practitioner and completed her level 2 in Reiki. Her passion is helping women gain control over pelvic floor imbalances, which is why she became certified in Core Confidence, which specifically focuses on strengthening and enhancing the pelvic floor. She listens to both the client’s needs as well as their body’s needs, and adjusts each


Crystal Schamber

Crystal completed the Alberta College of Massage Therapy program. Since then, she has also studied dynamic cupping, pregnancy and post-natal massage, as well as Access Bars. She completed an oncology massage program in March 2019 to help treat her clients that are going through cancer treatments. After meeting with Marni, the founder of Muscle Elements, and her team of health and wellness professionals, Crystal felt excited to join the team. She’s confident that she can grow and learn so much from Muscle Elements and her team of colleagues, offering her clients the best quality of care. Health and wellness is

Desiree Sieben

Desiree completed the 2200 hour program from MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy, graduating in 2021. A student for life, she has a background as a registered yoga teacher, personal trainer, and a mindfulness coaching certification. Desiree has a passion for holistic health and wellness, and advocates for integrative health. She also competitively horseback rides and has a keen interest in athletics and helping those with sport backgrounds. Desiree believes finding a wholehearted lifestyle that is supportive to your mind and body, and can be maintained throughout the varying seasons of life, is key to being happy and healthy. She

Carrie McFetridge

Carrie is fascinated with fascia and is especially passionate about myofascial release and the deep fascial effects that CranioSacral therapy (CST) can have, which is why she was drawn to become a student of Manual Osteopathy. She is skilled at looking at the body as a whole and excels at integrating CranioSacral therapy with therapeutic massage to facilitate deep change within her clients. Carrie is intrigued by and continues to learn how energy and physiology go hand in hand. She is trained in CranioSacral therapy (CST), myofascial release, Access Consciousness bars, relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, trigger point therapy, Reiki, and


Sarah Maxwell

Sarah completed the 3,000-hour massage therapy program at Makami College in 2011 to become a Registered Massage Therapist. She specializes in manual lymphatic drainage, and has also taken the Access Bars course through Access Consciousness. Sarah is inspired by the management team and the supportive therapists at Muscle Elements, who solely focus on doing what’s best for their clients. Sarah believes in maintaining balance in body, mind and spirit. “I chose to work in this profession for three reasons: my own health and wellness; because I am very interested in the science behind the body; and also, to help others.


Deanna DeBlois

Deanna graduated from MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy’s 2200 hour program in 2016. She has also since obtained certificates for cupping, craniosacral therapy level 1 (CST 1), and pre- and post-natal massage. Deanna loves the supportive atmosphere at Muscle Elements and is inspired by the compassionate therapists that are part of the team. She feels that the team deeply cares about each and every client, which strongly reflects her passion for health and wellness, as well as her love for helping others. Deanna’s sister planted the seed of massage therapy very early in her life, flowering into a passion


Heather Kew

Heather graduated from MacEwan University’s Massage Therapy program in 2005 and has continued her education by studying orthopedic and therapeutic massage, myofascial cupping, hot stone massage and deep tissue massage. She specializes in migraine and headache treatments, motor vehicle accident rehabilitation, and chronic pain. Heather always knew that she wanted to work in health care, and she decided to study massage therapy as it allows her to spend more time with her clients treating the whole person. One of her favourite moments is seeing a client looking forward to their therapy and feeling rejuvenated at the end of her treatment.


Melissa Newton

Melissa completed the massage therapy program at Makami College and is a Registered Massage Therapist. She has also completed continuing education in deep tissue massage, fire cupping, relaxation and pre-natal massage. Melissa loves working as a massage therapist because it provides her with an opportunity to help people and make them feel better. She’s worked in a seniors assisted-living home, providing compassionate care to our aging population. She loves working at Muscle Elements because it’s a supportive atmosphere with a great team that is passionate about helping others. She believes in staying healthy and living an active lifestyle, as there’s