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Jocelynn Chapman-Heintz

Jocelynn has always had a personal interest in health and wellness. She graduated from Alberta College of Massage Therapy in 2012 and has been practicing for 9+ years. Her easy-going nature makes clients feel at ease so they can relax into their treatment. Jocelynn has additional training in hot stone massage, Raindrop therapy massage, and cupping therapy. As a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, Jocelynn has a good understanding of muscles and how to manipulate them effectively. She believes that quality of life and overall well-being is of the utmost importance. You should leave feeling better after your massage!

James D. McNeill

James is both a massage therapist and a manual osteopathic therapist, and has a passion for holistic health and an ambition to learn. He graduated in 2015 from MH Vicars School of Massage and again in 2020 from the Manual Osteopathic College of Canada (MOCC). He has recently retired from municipal government work as a civil engineering technologist for transportation and engineering services, and is excited to enter this next chapter of his career. James has completed his certification in the techniques level in Upledger craniosacral therapy (CST-T) after having studied extensively with the Upledger Institute (see here). He is also

Lisandra Quintana Caballero

When I lived in Cuba, I worked both as an entertainer at a resort and as a social worker. I enjoyed helping people feel better about themselves, and helping clients reduce stress. I also went to a sports school in Cuba where we were always putting our bodies under stress, without the help of massage therapy. When I came to Canada, I took the 3000 hr registered massage therapist program through Makami, where I graduated in August 2020. I feel proud of my work when clients get relief after their treatment, and return for their next treatment very happy about

Dhalia Dalit

Dhalia is passionate about massage therapy and how it can help you improve your life, stay healthy in your body and mind, and recover from injuries. It has been an important pillar of self-care for her and her family for years. After leaving her career in Early Childhood Development, she has recently graduated from Makami College and will also complete her Manual Osteopathic Therapy training next year. Her focus is on helping you relieve any pain you may be experiencing, and to relax and rejuvenate while on the table during your massage. When she is not working, Dhalia can be

Yani Onoza

Yani is a recent graduate of Makami College in Edmonton, and is energetic, motivated and passionate about helping clients to achieve their wellness goals. Her focus is deep tissue massages, which she finds to be the most effective for her clients. Yani is a very friendly and compassionate person, with experience in caring for individuals and their specific needs. She excels in deep tissue, cupping, sports massage, lymphatic drainage, relaxation, and hot stone massage. When she is not massaging, Yani can be found working at her other job as a Community Disability Practitioner at Robin Hood Association in Sherwood Park,

Lacey Supple

Lacey is a loving, intuitive soul that has a passion for helping others reach their fullest potential. She graduated from the 3000-hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program at Makami College with awarded distinction in her class. Trained in a variety of healing modalities, she strives toward creating a space for clients to embody inward focus and foster mind, body, and spirit  balance. Her philosophy is that clients know themselves better than anyone, and that they are both their own, and her, best resource when it comes to successful treatment. Her areas of expertise include myofascial release, deep tissue techniques, Swedish,

Ashtyn Kaban

Ashtyn grew up with a love of the wild and taking care of people. Raised backpacking, rollerblading, skiing, and many other activities and sports, she was very active and learned a lot about the body through experience. Her mother was the person to suggest taking a massage course in 2007, and almost 16 years later, massage is still a passion of hers. She completed her first year at Alberta Massage Training and for her second year, she attended the Academy of Reflexology and Massage, completing her 2200-hour massage diploma. Since then, she has taken courses in esthetics, myofascial rolling, additional


Crystal Schamber

Crystal completed the Alberta College of Massage Therapy program. Since then, she has also studied dynamic cupping, pregnancy and post-natal massage, as well as Access Bars. She completed an oncology massage program in March 2019 to help treat her clients that are going through cancer treatments. After meeting with Marni, the founder of Muscle Elements, and her team of health and wellness professionals, Crystal felt excited to join the team. She’s confident that she can grow and learn so much from Muscle Elements and her team of colleagues, offering her clients the best quality of care. Health and wellness is

Pamela Ripi-Allivellatore

Pamela is a registered massage therapist who recently graduated from Makami College in Edmonton, although her passion for healing and serving people is extensive. She has a background as a medical doctor in Argentina, specializing as a neonatologist. In 2014, when Pamela was in Argentina, she started to study holistic medicine. This is where she began to find the answers to why our bodies become sick with illness. This fueled her passion to further her skill set in training in traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure, reflexology and also aromatherapy. She is trained in many different massage techniques, such as deep tissue,


Marni Way

Owner/operator of Muscle Elements, Marni has has been a Registered Massage Therapist for over 19 years. After graduating from the Foothills College of Massage Therapy in Calgary, Alberta, she obtained employment with a prestigious spa located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. After a few years of valuable experience working with talented therapists and challenged by seeing new clients daily, she headed back to Edmonton. Her passion lies in craniosacral therapy (CST), having trained with the Upledger Institute in several courses. After the death of her mother, she was determined to create a healing sanctuary, where mind and body