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Her specialty as an osteopath is osteoarticular corrections as well as myofascial osteopathy. Her hands are strong enough to get to the deepest layers of muscle tissue, yet her touch is gentle and soothing enough to manipulate around sensitive tissues vital organs. She is very intuitive and in some cases, has put everything she knows scientifically aside to trust her intuition to guide her to the underlying problem.

During the treatment, Jennifer is constantly educating her patients so they know what she is doing, and why. Specific tidbits of information are shared to empower clients to go home and treat themselves for little aches and pains. 






Dr. of Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Yee’s focus is on individualized treatment care for the entire family, through a detailed examination of each patient's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. After a thorough analysis and assessment, patients are provided with an individualized course of treatment that would be most appropriate for them and their health concerns.


Registered Psychologist

Integrating aspects of traditional talk therapy with body-centred, experiential, mindfulness-based approaches, Kelley supports you in accessing and transforming limiting behaviours, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Kelley believes the mind-body-heart connection is integral in becoming aware of and understanding the difference between the true self and unconscious responses, and between external and authentic power.

Through the collaborative therapeutic relationship, Kelley honours clients’ internal wisdom, which is central in guiding their self-discovery, acceptance, and empowerment.


Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant


Sannya looks forward to working as a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant with clients who are interested in learning more about whole food nutrition. She is grateful to be surrounded by a multi-faceted team of talented therapists, and is a valuable asset to our team.




I had discovered the power of hypnotherapy for healing in my own life and was guided by my loved ones to pursue it as a profession. They were right. I could not have known just how right they were till I attended Wellness Hypnotherapy Institute in the spring of 2013. What an amazing experience. My desire to be a therapist finally lined up perfectly with the way to help others that suits me best, which is acting as a facilitator.


Massage Therapist


Massage Therapist

Amanda will listen, observe, and complete assessments in order to identify the source of pain or discomfort and will utilize multiple methods to help resolve the issue. One method available is the physiokey - a gentle,​ feedback controlled non-invasive neuro-stimulator, classified as an advanced TENS, that helps with many symptoms including pain, numbness, limited movement, headaches/migraines, and it often helps with issues that you can’t seem to get help with anywhere else.

If you have children at home that you would like to introduce to massage, Amanda will set aside time to teach you tools to use at home with them. Amanda approaches each day with the assertion that we all have a different story and we deserve a massage treatment that is specific to us.


Massage Therapist

She has been practicing in Alberta for 4 years and is an active member of the Massage Therapists Association of Alberta. She most enjoys working with athletes, pregnant women, and individuals who suffer with low back pain, migraines and headaches. She has had great success working with ultra runners, weight lifters, competitive cyclists, golfers, motor vehicle accident victims and individuals in need of post surgical rehabilitation. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, archery and challenging herself at the gym.


Massage Therapist


Massage Therapist

Over the years, Heather has refined her skills in some of the top spas in Canada, to offer a truly unique massage to each of her clients by combining her techniques with luxury to make her clients feel stress free while receiving a deeply therapeutic treatment. This uniqueness has gained her a reputation for being specialized in Migraine/Headache treatment, Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation, and chronic pain.

She has been honoured to work with a wide range of clientele from professional athletes to geriatric patients and everything in between. When she's not massaging Heather can be found with her daughter making a mean batch of cookies.


Massage Therapist

Heidi has extensive experience treating crossfitters, cross trainers, marathon runners and other athletes alike. She is very active and loves to be outdoors hiking, biking, running and swimming.

Heidi specializes in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Prenatal Massage, Postnatal Massage, Healing From the Core and Grounding Techniques to help you cope with every day stresses of life and creating healthy boundaries.




Massage Therapist



Student Massage Therapist/ Receptionist

Lauren has been privileged to provide her skills and education by volunteering at numerous Sports/Athletic events as well as charitable fundraisers across the city of Edmonton. Her skills and experienced are rooted in Therapeutic and Relaxation.

With her desire to help others and drive to continuously grow in her career, Lauren is excited to work alongside the other highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals at Muscle Elements.



She enjoys working at Muscle Elements as it provides her with an amazing atmosphere being surrounded by other health practitioners. In the future, Monika hopes to combine her knowledge in health and nutrition with her business degree to support others to live a happy, healthy, and loving life.